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Prodotti - Golden Lady Company


Golden Lady Company has made hosiery its mission and for fifty years has been dedicating constant investments to the research and development of innovative materials and production methods. To maintain its lead position at global level, the company continues to implement a stringent policy of development and innovation, aimed at achieving perfection in the field.

Tights - Golden Lady Company


Golden Lady Company's tights have always been recognized for their high quality standards, and it is thanks to the continuous search for qualitative excellence that Golden Lady Company has patented latest-generation technologies capable of revolutionizing the concept of tights and creating new standards in the world of hosiery.

Years of research have in fact led to the birth of the new line of SEAMLESS TIGHTS.
The tights in which the central seam disappears from the body and the waistband, becoming extra comfortable, to offer a product of top level quality, elegant, but above all accessible to all women.

The new Seamless tights stay in place and do not mark; they are in fact ideal to wear under the most tight-fitting clothes, they are soft and silky, able to give a perfect silhouette and mostly to combine comfort with a unique feeling of freedom and beauty. The Seamless tights have everything it takes to establish themselves as a new technological standard but also as a must item for consumers.

Stockings and socks

The Group's production covers all types of hosiery: not only tights but also hold-ups, knee-highs, socks and shoe liners.
From classic items to those made with innovative and fine yarns, the assortment of products is extremely wide and ranges from soft cotton socks to socks with cashmere and silk, up to thermo-regulating yarns.

Goldenlady Company also produces graduated compression tights, knee-highs and men socks with a relaxing and massaging effect, declared a class 1 medical device by the Italian Ministry of Health.

Stockings and socks - Golden Lady Company

The garment that has become a must-have for all women for its fit, comfort and fashion spirit.

Golden Lady produces a wide range of leggings and panta-leggings in microfibre, micromodal and cotton following the current trends: from ribbed leggings to palazzo leggings, not to mention the importance of the high and soft waistband.

Not only leggings for everyday wear, but also leggings designed specifically for sports made with the innovative nerino.g fibre which allows to have a very soft, fresh and comfortable fabric.

Leggings - Golden Lady Company

The underwear line for her and for him consists of organic cotton garments and the innovative bacteriostatic and breathable Nerino G. microfibre.

On the one hand, therefore, organic cotton, which not only guarantees exceptional comfort and an indescribable sense of well-being, but which has also been chosen for its attention to the environment; on the other hand, the Nerino G microfibre, patented by Golden Lady Company, which along with being very soft, adapts perfectly to the body, is breathable and bacteriostatic.

Underwear - Golden Lady Company