Golden Lady Company tights are the upshot of almost fifty years of research and development. Regular investments amounting to tens of millions of euro in this sector have made possible revolutionary materials and production methods.

To maintain its lead position at global level, the company continues to implement a stringent policy of development and innovation, aimed at achieving perfection in the field.

Thanks to the ongoing quest for quality excellence, Golden Lady Company has in fact patented latest-generation technologies that revolutionize the tights concept, creating new standards able represent a turning point in the hosiery industry.



Research, innovation and passion have led to the creation of what we can now define a New Generation of tights with unique features: THE SEAMLESS TIGHTS.

Here the irritant central seam line disappears from the bodice, creating a brand new feeling of freedom and comfort.
The array is complete: it ranges from the sheer model to the microfiber opaque one, to satisfy every woman’s need, accompanying her in every occasion and moment of the day.

The Seamless Tights give maximum femininity and invisibility; worn even under tight clothing, they maximize women’s sensuality and silhouette.

Soft and with a silky touch on the skin, they embrace the body giving a “second skin effect”.
In other words, high quality and technology come together for a unique product able to combine beauty, comfort and adjustability.

A new evidence that Goldenlady Company creates collections that respond to the latest fashion trends, are at the service of women's needs, and become instruments of seduction, manufacturing products expressly designed to create unique feelings and sensations from the very first moment they are worn.

The Golden Lady Company applies the values of excellence and constant quality development on all the Group's brand, and offers the innovation of Seamless Tights for all these brands: Golden Lady, Philippe Matignon, Omsa, SiSi and Filodoro, with collections specifically designed and in line with the brand positioning, but also with the goal to always offer the highest quality to the consumer.

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Seamless tights Philippe Matignon
Seamless tights SiSi
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