The Group

Golden Lady Company was established in 1966 at Castiglione delle Stiviere (MN) thanks to the business acumen of Nerino Grassi and his wife Erminia. Their dream and ambition was to make the very best quality women’s tights.
Thanks to major investments in technology and research and development, and also to the quality of its products and competitive prices, the company enjoyed rapid growth over the years.
In only a short time, the Group took the lead position in the European market and also launched successfully into those of the Russia and Eastern Europe thanks to an approach dedicated to asserting Italian identity throughout the world and to a brilliant process of acquisition of leading national and international hosiery brands, including Omsa, SiSi, Filodoro, Philippe Matignon.
Today, the Golden Lady Company is an international multi-brand group, a leader and a protagonist at global level in the design, production and trade of hosiery, underwear and apparel.
The Group boasts of a edge cutting department dedicated to research, production and marketing of high-performance and high-tech yarns.
Group President is Nerino Grassi.

Golden Lady Company tights are the upshot of almost fifty years of research and development.
Regular investments amounting to tens of millions of euro in this sector have made possible revolutionary materials and production methods.
To maintain its lead position at global level, the company continues to implement a stringent policy of development and innovation, aimed at achieving perfection in the field. Thanks to the ongoing quest for quality excellence, Golden Lady Company has in fact patented latest-generation technologies that revolutionize the tights concept, creating new standards able represent a turning point in the hosiery industry.
Golden Lady Company continuously invests in research and development with the aim of creating products that stand out for their quality and uniqueness. Particular attention is given to resources and investments in the study of innovative and performing yarns. The laboratory dedicated to research in this field creates products that are able to introduce new standards in the market. This activity is supported and it is often made in collaboration with internationally recognized Institutes, such as the Milan Polytechnic, and it is certified by prestigious institutions such as the Hoenstein Institute.