This long-established brand, founded in Mantua in the early 1980s, is part of Golden Lady Company since 2003. With 60% of its turnover coming from foreign markets Filodoro plays an outstanding role in the international hosiery sector and  is easily recognizable in Italy and abroad. This is mainly due to the widespread distribution of products that through different sales channels, such as mass retailers, wholesalers and retailers, have therefore reached all the market segments. The brand is particularly active in Russia and Spain, where it has gained significant market shares with the distribution of its articles to Corte Ingles department stores. Filodoro is characterized by the excellent quality and wide assortment of its products. Its policy of constant research on style has resulted in a large variety of articles that satisfy the needs of women and men of all ages. Both Filodoro Woman and Filodoro Man include classic and fashion collections, as well as lines for sports and leisure time.