molecule, a new generation fiber of extraordinary performances, is the result of 5 years studies and researches led by Golden Lady Company Engineers and Technicians in collaboration with Chemical Materials and Chemical Engineer Departments of Polytechnic University in Milan, together with the American group Invista, one of the biggest companies in the world for the production of intermediate chemicals, polymers and fibers. 

For the first time in 60 years in the synthetic man-made fibres market a new molecule is created: this could revolutionize the textile industry, perfectly lending itself to different uses, such as athletic or every-day apparel, as well as home textile.

Nerino G.  combines the best aspects of natural fibres (wettability, excellent touch, comfort) and of synthetic fibres (good mechanical proper­ties, easy care at washing and drying).

The main features of Nerino G. are: its bacteriostatic action, which is the capacity of reducing the bacterial proliferation, thanks to a special process during the production of the yarn, and its water absorption ability. The fabric produced with this fiber ensures a great level of breathability and avoids unpleasant odors of the skin, thus ensuring a long-lasting freshness sensation.

The unique properties are inherent to the fibre or yarn and do not change after repeated washing.

Nerino G. is suitable for a wide range of end uses, it allows flexibility of design in the creation of clothes, from open air apparel, sport apparel and underwear.

 fibre is is the exclusive property of Golden Lady Company Spa, for further information: