European elegance

Established in Italy in 1967, Goldenlady company started its business as a family run company. From its inception, the Group took a first step into foreign markets by opening a production plant in Dusseldorf, Germany, thus providing a glimpse of good times ahead. Today, Goldenlady company holds a number of production and distribution sites strategically spread all over Europe and is active in all major European markets. In France and Germany the Group operates with sole agencies, through marketing branches in Spain and UK. In Germany the Group retains a strong position in modern and department store channels through the brands Goldenlady and Goldfalter. While in France and UK, with its own marketing branch, it is a leader in retail and mass retail channels.

With the Spanish marketing branch the brand Goldenlady has achieved a prominent position in mass retail, retail and wholesale channels. Goldenlady company is also present in the country with the brands Filodoro, Omsa and Philippe Matignon, which are particularly active in the specialised retail distribution. The brand Sisi has ensured the Group a steady position in Eastern Europe and Russia, with relevant market shares and a widespread distribution in specialised retail and department store channels.

At present Philippe Matignon - the flagship brand of the Group in the Italian market - boasts excellent export performance, with main exports to Russia and Spain. The brand Omsa is well established in Eastern Europe, in particular in Lithuania, Poland and  Slovakia. In 2001 the Group launched the Goldenpoint project. This resulted in the strengthening of the distribution network through over 650 stores located in the most interesting trading areas in Europe and worldwide. The company’s profits are significantly generated by the European market: 34% from the Italian market and 11% from other European countries.