Environmental policy

Golden Lady Company considers environmental and social sustainability as an opportunity and a major challenge for the current production system.

The Group undertakes to constantly reduce its impact on the environment, to plan and apply procedures and methods which, besides ensuring compliance with all legal obligations, also tend towards improving environmental efficiency.

More concretely, Golden Lady Company places particularly strong focus on reducing the production of solid wastes, mainly textile materials, through the reduction of rejects and the promotion of correct end-use management. The Company is engaged in curbing and controlling polluting gaseous emissions and also controls external emissions, to reduce the noise caused by machinery in the various phases of the production process. The Group also implements measures for the more rational use of energy, for cutting water consumption, for managing and controlling water runoff and wastewater disposal.

In line with the quality provided to its customers, Golden Lady Company has endowed itself with a major Ethical Environmental Management System, in conformity with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14001 international standard, for all the activities, products and services of its Basciano (Abruzzo) facility, which have a direct and/or indirect impact on the environment.

In adopting the Ethical Environment Management System, Golden Lady Company also adopts the following guiding principles: optimization and performance of its business activities in an environment friendly way; promotion of eco-efficiency and prevention of pollution as a key control method and competitive tool; total compliance with applicable environment legislation.

What is more, Golden Lady Company products boast the international “Oeko-Tex® – Confidence in Textiles” brand, which ensures responsible production from raw materials through to the finished product and establishes the safety and harmlessness for health of garments in direct contact with the skin.

Last but not less significant action taken by Golden Lady Company in the name of sustainability, is the use of polymers created by recycling plastic from marine waste to produce some types of yarns. This intervention is an historic feat appropriate at this moment in which it is important to reduce the presence of micro particles of plastics in the oceans. Also regarding the field of sustainability, the Research and Development laboratory of the Company’s Yarns Division is studying the uses of 100% renewable and biodegradable polymers derived directly from plants, such as corn, wheat or beetroot, rich in natural sugar.

All the articles that come out of the Group’s production facilities bear the “Oeko-Tex® Standard 100” label and Associazione Tessile e Salute label.

“Oeko-Tex® Standard 100” label indicates that the products - from underwear to stockings and tights made of polyamide, cotton, viscous, acrylic, wool, polyester, polypropylene, with or without Lycra®, dyed in various colours, with or without accessories and designs – are safe and harmless for health when in direct contact with the skin. This standard determines the quantity and quality of the harmful substances on fabrics and requires a conscious choice of dyes and chemical products; thanks to laboratory tests, it guarantees the objective healthiness of the products.

The Associazione Tessile e Salute label declares that garments, socks, tights, underwear and t-shirts in nylon and polypropylene made by golden lady company s.p.a fulfils all requirements set by ‘tessile e salute’ and participates in the textile and health project funded by the ministry of health and aimed at protecting the health of people, guaranteeing to the end consumers the safety and the transparency of the textile-clothing products.

Golden Lady Company thus establishes a relationship of trust with its customer base thanks to the Oeko- Tex® ecological brand label and “Associazione Tessile e Salute” label, in the awareness that these represent an important and crucial parameter when it comes to choosing products.

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