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The new Golden Lady campaign
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November 01 2017

Golden Lady has always been synonymous with stockings, the most loved ones by women around the world.

The brand, a market leader in large-scale retail trade, talks about its best-selling items through the image of a woman of absolute and timeless beauty who proudly and elegantly lets herself be dressed only by impalpable pantyhose and sensual hold ups.

In its long history of great successes, Golden Lady has always brought to the fore the boundless passion for the product and the sensitive attention to women, to their tastes, to their changes, becoming their trusted partner and interpreter of style.

With the desire of innovation to always offer a better product and thanks to Italian design, quality and the ability to understand the changing needs of women stating new trends, Golden Lady has made stockings an iconic garment par excellence.

The photoshoot, starring model Noel Berry, enhances the seductive power of stockings, an essential garment in the style of every woman.

In these magnetic shots, the warm and sophisticated use of light, combined with a contemporary taste, elevate the central figure of the new "golden woman", the new Golden Lady. Self-confident, determined and at times bold, but at the same time delicate and romantic.

Golden Lady tells a story of modern elegance that will find ample space on women's magazines but also online, on social profiles and on the brand's website with exclusive content.

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