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ROCK YOUR LEGS: the seamless tights by Golden Lady challenging the future
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November 06 2014

With a special testimonial, the internationally acclaimed music icon Miley Cyrus, Golden Lady Company , also a key player in the hosiery industry, is launching a new line of Seamless Tights, aimed at young, determined women, main characters of their future. Technology and glamour make this pantyhose a unique style item : seamless, for a feminine and delicate sensation, with a silky touch on the skin, and a feeling of well-being throughout the day and in all weather conditions .
This hosiery feels like a second skin. It is the challenge of the Golden Lady Company, a world leader in the hosiery manufacture, to launch a technologically highly innovative product, the result of twenty years of research: a seamless hosiery that combines perfect fit, comfort and glamour. This product is targeteted at a very young, confident woman, a fashion star, in control of her future, and a trendsetter. All features that are fully expressed by these seamless tights. For the launch, Golden Lady Company has entrusted the Armando Testa advertising agency and created a new communication concept: Rock Your Legs! An invitation to women to move and express themselves by wearing seamless tights. A new and influential project that has the icon of international fame Miley Cyrus as its testimonial, an idol of the young, a trendsetter and a character that embodies freedom and an ‘outside the box’ style, a main player on social networks with six-zero figures, glamorous and communicative in all her expressions. For the video and press communication, a great name, and again an explosive choice: Terry Richardson, who created memorable fashion campaigns with his unique style.  

The concepts of freedom and future have inspired the Golden Lady Company for these tights, based on deep technological research, that took a quantum leap in the last three years. The Golden Lady Company seamless tights fit like a second skin and are perfect for the fast life pace of modern young women, always ready to catch news and take new challenges. The seamless tights are the faithful companion of women who wish to feel elegant and seductive from the morning but without giving up comfort. Because comfort is a symbol of freedom. And that's what the product offers. Just look at the features. No annoying seam in the bodice and strap, perfect under tight garments, discrete but extremely feminine, silky soft and comfortable. The innovation process of Golden Lady Company has reached a level of perfection that allows us to use "affordable luxury". Not only that. The special silver ion treatment provides a pleasant feeling of hygiene and freshness all day long, and the tights with matt finish have a technology that balances body temperature and thermoregulation, giving comfort in both heat and cold.
The Golden Lady Company applies the values of excellence and constant quality development on all the Group's brand, and offers this innovation for all these brands: Golden Lady, Philippe Matignon, SiSi, with collections specifically designed and in line with the brand positioning, but also with the goal to always offer the highest quality to the consumer.

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