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Seamless pantyhose : our revolution in the world of tights
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September 17 2014

The Goldenlady Company is an international leader in the hosiery manufacturing and uses
innovation as its philosophy, offering products that are the result of constant research and development, carried out by the R&D department, and of the interpretation of the current requests of the market, aiming at meeting the needs of every woman.

Research, innovation and passion have led to the creation of what we can now define a New
Generation of tights with unique features: THE SEAMLESS TIGHTS.

This type of pantyhose is made with 3 new and different technologies that ensure quality,
uniqueness, and style:

- the Nude Technology allows to create a seamless pantyhose with sheer bodice for a
“second skin effect”.

- the Body Technology allows to create a seamless pantyhose with sheer panties to ensure
optimal adjustability and a perfect fit , making it invisible even under tight garments.

- the Free Body Technology allows to create a seamless pantyhose with sheer bodice that gives maximum femininity and invisibility even under tight clothing, thanks to the innovative dropped stitches that make the bodice perfectly adjustable.

The most cutting edge manufacturing processes are used to ensure that every product is
perfect: the 3D processing, giving greater resistance to the yarn , the Ion Essence treatment, ensuring through the silver ions a feeling of well-being throughout the day, and the Effet Thermique treatment, a special thermoregulating treatment to keep the body temperature constant.

The seamless pantyhose is designed to meet the women’s needs according to design, style and
quality, with the aim of combining comfort and adjustability with the charm and beauty of your legs.

A new evidence that Goldenlady Company creates collections that respond to the latest fashion
trends, are at the service of the women's needs, and become instruments of seduction, manufacturing products expressely designed to create unique feelings and sensations from the very first moment they are worn.

Seamless line Philippe Matignon 

Seamless line SiSi 

Seamless line Goldenlady

Seamless line Omsa 

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