Designed in Italy

Italian Soul

Uniqueness, style and high quality research are the core values of Goldenlady Company. With an approach focusing on “Italian style”, the Group applies this unique concept to design and product development and enhances at best its distinguishing features. An Italian soul that, regardless of season trends, constantly inspires each brand.

Creativity, innovation, state-of-the-art technologies and materials play a key role in the manufacturing of comfortable and easy-to-wear garments. Goldenlady Company relies on an excellent team of designers that give birth to an outstanding balance between elegance and functionality.

All the collections mirror Goldenlady Company passion for “Italian design”, thus blending high couture tradition with Italian creativity and style which inspire the latest catwalk trends worldwide. A policy of constant research, from the selection of materials to that of new technologies, give products of the highest standard and increase quality and wearability. Great colour combinations, stylish patterns, elegance and attention to detail reflect at best the Italian soul of Goldenlady Company.