ABP Fib - AntiBacterialPet is the new chemical molecole on polyester base created by Golden Lady Company in collaboration with Chemical Materials and Chemical Engineer Departments of Polytechnic University.


The main feature of ABP-fib is the antibacterial property in the respect of the human health, since it does not contain metals such as silver, mercury or any other solutions in dispersion. The new molecole, besides being highly resistant to the bacterial proliferation (which makes it unique with respect to the other polyesters), is extremely soft.

The areas of application of this molecole are several and they cover multiple fields:
  • Apparel
  • Home textile
  • Automotive
  • Carpets
  • Healthcare: Abp Fib is particularly promising in the field of biomedical applications, for which the antibacterial properties have particular importance. Examples: operating room towels and clothing of health workers, but also the realization of flexible endoprosthesis.

Abp-fib has been granted the prestigious certification of the Hohenstein Institute regarding the antibacterial activity.

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